Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Expanding Size of the United States.

I just wrote a large research paper for my English class about the overweight and obesity problem in America. It definitely made me think hard about the matter, something that normally I've always shrugged off. I never realized how many serious health complications are related to being overweight, or how much this problem is expanding (no pun intended). Although none of the articles spoke of this, I have to think pop/soda is a contributor to this problem. There was a lot of talk about the number of calories consumed, and pop has a lot of empty calories. I know Wes and I drink too much pop, although I probably drink a lot less than the "average American." I've tried to give up pop a number of times but then end up buying it for some occasion and then get hooked again. Its my health bane.

All I know is I have again determined that I hate writing papers for a class, especially lengthy ones.

David has been busy learning several words a day and spinning in circles until he gets dizzy and falls down. Apparently this is his new favorite thing to do.

Speaking of learning words, I have a funny story about David learning the word boob. Ummm yeah. So earlier today Wes and I were talking about weight issues and I was talking about how if I gained as much weight as the traditional chart says I should, I would be quite a bit heavier and I think I would be overweight even if the chart doesn't think so (conversely some people can be heavier and be in shape because muscle weighs more than fat). Wes says "yeah, if you gained all that weight your boobs would look weird!" or something silly like that and David laughs and says "boobooobooob!!" and laughs. We both couldn't contain our laughter, but we tried really hard because we don't really want him repeating it on a regular basis for laughs and for all of the grandparents who would probably be offended. He learns a lot of words the first time he hears them-- scary!


At 9:33 PM, Blogger Shay said...

Haha! That's a kid for you. DH wondered why I used to get him to spell more sensative words out. We even came up with code names for just the two of us. We didn't plan on it but it happened to keep little ears out of the conversation.

I've cut almost all pop ut of my diet but it's soo hard. I mean most restaurants serve pop and tap water...not much of a choice. I know my Husband drinks way tooo many empty calories in pop. I've began buying less pop each week and offering ice tea and water as an alternative. So far so good.

At 11:21 AM, Blogger Beth said...

My mom called me yesterday and asks, "Is there a baby in your tummy yet?"

My 3 year old brother is in the background and I hear him say, "mommy mommy, *I* have a baby in MY tummy!" And he is now convinced that he's pregnant.

FUN :)


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