Friday, April 07, 2006

David Eats Brocolli

Enter the picture: plate of brocolli. I ate a piece, offered him a bite from my fork and said, "would you like a bite?" He said, "Nooooooo" and grinned mischeviously. Mommy, being more mischevious than him shrugged and said, "oh well" and ate the bite. Another piece of brocolli stabbed and I ask, "want some?" and he says "Noooooo don wan some!" and grins again, knowing he had said something and feeling quite proud. I shrug again and eat the brocolli. We continue this way a few more bites and then suddenly he says, "Bite?" Heehee.

Oh yes.... I play psychological games with my toddler. Why? Because I'm not going to jam brocolli down his throat, and I'm certainly not going to make a 19 month old sit there until he eats it. Its not a big deal because I know that over the course of days he always eats a round amount of all of the food groups. Did I really care if he ate brocolli? Not particularly, but while I am feeding myself I may as well get a few bites down him. Its a fun game for us, he pretends he doesn't want something and we get to practice speech.

He used to like brocolli quite a bit. Its only recently that he looks at it and refuses, and I think it has more to do with the texture than the taste. Right now he is very much into carrots and plain whole grain rice.

I took a picture tonight just before bed, he had just gotten out of the bath and into his jammies. In this picture, he had just asked me for juice, and I had told him no. That made him very sad.


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