Monday, September 25, 2006


I am closing this for personal reasons, not sure if permanent or not. :)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Butterflies in Motion

Hard to see in such a small copy, but some of the butterflies are really in focus and the other are flapping their wings thus blurry. I really liked the way the blurry butterflies show motion.

Heartbroken Toddler

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


David now calls himself "Day-day" and its just so cute I have to stop myself from starting to call him that too. He's more fiercely independent than ever, if I see him struggling to do something and try to help him without him asking for help, he will undo what I did and keep struggling with it because he wants to do it himself. He's big into banging things together which really gets to be a headache sometimes. At two he's 35 1/2 inches tall and 26.4 pounds.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


I've been processing some big things in my life having to do with religion, God, the nature of life. That's why I've been so quiet around here. I think I'm almost ready to talk about it, but its kept my mind really busy when I haven't been busy with school, David, or being pregnant and exhausted. I've just gotten my first big assignment for digital photography and I hope I can come up with some fun stuff that I can share here. I should also take a picture of my expanding tummy, things are looking good and I get my ultrasound on October 2nd-- I hope to find out if baby is a boy or a girl then.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Oh boy, been busy and lots happening. David turned two. I'm in college two days a week. I'm 15 weeks pregnant today. David has a fever today and is laying on the couch under a blanket watching Veggie Tales and drinking orange juice (his favorite.... I hope he doesn't have the flu). I'll have to catch up on writing things later.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Kitchens are for boys too.

This afternoon is David's birthday party. We got him a manly wooden kitchen, its blue, silver and red from Target. Last night it took us 3 hours to put that thing together and this morning he woke up and was thrilled to see it in the living room. We decided to give it to him this morning since we're having the party at my parent's house and carting it around would be too much work. All I know is I am glad I have a husband that isn't narrow minded about gender roles. One of his friends asked what we were getting David for his birthday and when we told him he wrinkled his nose and said boys aren't supposed to play with kitchens. Say what? Do grown men play in kitchens? They do if they're smart. Why can't our little boys play in kitchens? I think its ridiculous telling a two year olds that kitchen stuff is only for girls, its no wonder our men grow up and don't know how to cook or think that its only for women. He loves his little kitchen. He owns a child sized broom too-- I am positively ruining him.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Something someone said the other week has been on my mind. It was something like, "You don't reward for proper behavior do you?" As a matter of fact, I can't imagine parenting where you don't affirm good behavior. If I ask David to do something and he does it, I thank him for being a good listener. The only other way to parent would be all in the negative, punish for bad behavior and ignore good behavior. Why would anyone want to do that? Who's going to pay for the child's therapy bills when they grow up with a parent that only gives them negative attention?

Thursday, August 17, 2006


We're going swimming today, and I hope it isn't too cold because its only supposed to be 83 and partly cloudy. In my opinion it should be 90 to go swimming, but I get cold easily. I think David gets cold easily too, he's just a tiny little boy too. Last time we went swimming he loved going as deep as he could while on his tip toes. He seems to really enjoy it, and I wonder if next year I should get a season pass. I think he would have more fun on his own than in a swim class, and I'd only have to get one for me because under 3 is free. I'll think about it. We're about to leave and go to buy my college books first, I can't believe its back to school next week already. He's going to have a great time at grandma's house though.